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BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]

BB AG Comfy Top

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The top is accompanied by the short Ref 95553 * References are sold separately.

The classic design of this Top makes it a versatile garment with an urban air, that you can use in different spaces and that at the same time makes you feel beautiful and strong.
Sports top with internal elastic at the bottom and a variety of shades that adapt to your day to day.
It adjusts perfectly to your body with its lower elastic, to provide greater support, allowing your bust to always be in place, no matter how much you move while practicing sports or doing your daily activities.
It is made with a Polyester-based fabric, a smart, lightweight and easy-drying fabric, ideal for physical exercise or for your daily activities, freeing you from the sensation of humidity and keeping you fresh for longer.
It does not stretch, shrink or discolor, you can use it daily and you will see how it retains its color for a long time.
Its design is unique to always look fresh and with the style you need.

Material: 75% POLYESTER 25% ELASTANE.

If freedom of movement is about ... This Top is your ideal companion.

Lightweight with quick drying.
Adaptable to your body, recovering its original shape every time you use it.
It does not shrink or wrinkle.
Absorption, spreading and release of moisture that provides a high sensation of freshness.
Avoid the generation of bad odors.
Preserves colors after each wash.
Resistant to changes in temperature.
100% Colombian design and manufacture.

Machine wash cold and delicate cycle.
It can be tumbled on low heat or tumble dry in the shade.
Do not use whitener.
Use only mild detergents.
Iron at low temperature.

It is available in Sizes S - M. Colors: 2 White. 40 Neon Pink. 37 Purple Lilac.


BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]
BB AG Comfy Top - [latinastylesau]