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Strapless Bodysuit

Strapless Bodysuit

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*Long sleve meshed top not included  

Back to the past? Does this sound familiar to you? Since the 80s, bodys have become an ally to stylize your figure, today it returns to the streets and catwalks offering interesting and modern creations, Babalú joins this trend and brings you a unique garment, created inclusively for you.

Strapless bodysuit with an athletic-style fitted silhouette, a snap on the crotch for closure, internal elastic for a better fit and a mesh top with a snap that will make you make a difference.

It is made with a Polyamide fabric, an intelligent fabric that allows you to move freely, thanks to its high resistance properties, which provide greater flexibility so that you can carry out your workouts and activities with total comfort.
Its design adapts to the figure of your body and helps the garment does not misalign, providing the freedom of movement you need to perform your high-performance exercises.
It does not stretch, shrink or discolor, you can use it daily and you will see how it retains its color for a long time.
Material: 70% POLYAMIDE 30% ELASTANE
What are you waiting for to have this essential garment in your closet!

Quick drying and easy moisture transport.
Resistant, high-tech with greater elongation.
Adaptable to your body, recovering its original shape every time you use it.
It does not shrink or wrinkle.
Sensation of softness and freshness to the touch.
Brilliant colors that last over time.
Wide air circulation that refreshes your skin.
100% Colombian design and manufacture.
Machine wash cold and delicate cycle.
Can be tumble dried on low heat or tumble dry in the shade.
Do not use whitener.
Use only mild detergents.
Iron at low temperature.

It is available in One Size.

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