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Divas Boot Femenino
Divas Boot Femenino

Divas Boot Femenino

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Divas Boot Training

That line is Made for girls who lift! With Exclusive Design and 100% Brazilian. Tested and approved by the best athletes.

A pair of lifting shoes can level up your training. The high-grip, rubber sole offers maximum transfer of force through your legs, because the sole offers less resistance and more stability. Compare this to a regular pair of sneakers where the high level of cushioning blunts your force and power, it’s easy to see how a pair of specific lifting shoes can level up your leg day.


  • Premium fabrics
  • Flat Sole for flat foot lifting
  • Rubber Sole
  • High Top Profile
  • Genuine Leather

For the best fit, please check a current pair of shoes you own (typically runners), note down the ‘CM’ or ‘MM’ measurement written on the label and then compare that measurement to our size chart.

Our boots are perfect for those looking for more performance in their training.

In addition, they have a unique design and beautiful finish. Everything designed for you to have a great performance, with comfort and quality.

Divas Boot Femenino