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Short Jumpsuit Shiny Look

Short Jumpsuit Shiny Look

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Step into the spotlight with our stunning jumpsuit that is designed to make you shine at every turn. This practical and versatile garment is sure to accentuate your figure, leaving a lasting impression.

Our short jumpsuit is crafted from leather-look fabric, creating a sleek and stylish aesthetic. The tulle mesh details on the back add a touch of elegance and allure to the design, making it a standout piece.

With a front closure featuring a decorative ring, this jumpsuit not only ensures a secure fit but also adds a fashionable element to the overall look.

Created using Polyamide fabric, this jumpsuit offers exceptional quality and functionality. The intelligent fabric allows for unrestricted movement, thanks to its high resistance properties. It provides the flexibility and comfort you need to carry out your training and activities with ease.

Not only does our jumpsuit boast remarkable performance, but it also features a striking design with a variety of tones to suit your personal style. The attention to detail ensures that you never forget the unique flair that characterizes you.

Furthermore, this jumpsuit offers elongation and adapts to the silhouette of your body, providing freedom of movement for any type of physical activity you engage in.

Prepare to dazzle and embrace the freedom of movement with our exceptional jumpsuit, designed to make you shine and conquer every physical challenge in style.



Quick drying and easy moisture transport.
Tough, high-tech with increased elongation.
Adaptable to your body, recovering its original shape every time you use it.
Does not shrink or wrinkle.
Sensation of softness and freshness to the touch.
Bright colors that are preserved over time.
Wide air circulation that refreshes your skin.
100% Colombian design and manufacturing.

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