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Comfy supportive maternity legging

Comfy supportive maternity legging

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Experience ultimate comfort and support during your pregnancy with this perfect maternity legging. Designed with your needs in mind, it combines the best features to keep you feeling comfortable and confident throughout your journey.

The top half of the legging is made of our SkinFuse® fabric, which offers exceptional comfort, lightness, and freshness. The seamless construction ensures a smooth and irritation-free fit, allowing you to move freely without any discomfort.

The bottom part of the legging is crafted from our signature DuraFit® fabric, a soft and lightweight material that promotes breathability and prevents chafing. It keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable even during extended wear.

To provide support, the legging features thicker fabric on the sides, under the tummy, and on the back. This targeted support helps alleviate pressure and provides gentle compression where you need it most.

The mesh cutout in the front of the legging is designed to showcase your baby bump, allowing it to stand out beautifully. It adds a stylish touch to the legging while accommodating your growing belly.

For added convenience, the legging has built-in loops that allow you to attach your bra straps. This feature ensures extra stay-put support, keeping everything securely in place.

The legging pairs perfectly with dresses and long shirts, allowing you to create versatile and comfortable outfits that accommodate your changing body.

With a 100% cotton gusset, the legging ensures optimal hygiene and breathability.

Fabric Content: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane

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