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Curvy Supplex Plus Leggings

Curvy Supplex Plus Leggings

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It is easy to set a goal, but difficult to meet it, leggings that give you all the comfort and security so that you never give up and always give your best every day.
Sports leggings with a high waistband and internal elastication that will help shape and highlight your figure, with a print on the right side.

Its internal elastic keeps the garment in place while you move, thanks to its excellent fit that will make you feel comfortable in every movement you make.
It is made with a Supplex ® Polyamide fabric, an intelligent, light and quick-drying fabric that allows sweat to be evacuated without producing a bad smell.
Its design is unique, with contrast bias fabric that gives you a feeling of movement.

Material: 90% POLYAMIDE 10% ELASTANE.

What are you waiting for to complement your outfit with textures that make a difference!

The Supplex fabric is INTELLIGENT, due to its unique characteristics that consist of an air fabric system, which is also:
Tough, high-tech with increased elongation.
Adaptable to your body, recovering its original shape every time you use it.
With UV protection.
Quick drying and easy moisture transport.
Does not shrink or wrinkle.
Its fibers do not wear out easily, preserving the colors during each wash.
It gives excellent freedom in terms of movement and flexibility.
Does not stain with sweat.
100% Colombian design and manufacturing.

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