Empowering And Inspiring Your Femininity... THE STORY Behind Latina Styles.

Empowering And Inspiring Your Femininity... THE STORY Behind Latina Styles.

“Stand out from the crowd…” Latina Styles is the brainchild of fashion entrepreneur Karin Rosales.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Karin decided to move to Australia in 2015, due to the well-known difficulties in her country. Through her migration she found the opportunity to reinvent herself and explore new possibilities, outside her comfort zone.

In 2019, Karin ventures into the world of fashion, launching an online sportswear and swimwear store, under the brand name Latina Styles.

A year later – in early 2020 – the opportunity to fulfil her next goal comes in the form of the Latina Styles pop-up, a way to expand her clientele and at the same time create a meeting place for her friends and clients in Melbourne.

Staying true to Karin's heritage, Latina Styles source quality imported, ethically made, and sustainable women’s apparel, all manufactured in South America. Karin handpicks every product – from well-respected Latino labels and native designers – focusing on unique styles and colour-patterns with attention to detail that showcase quality, durability and comfort.

Her greatest motivation is to empower other women. After all, the Latina Styles brand was founded as a tribute to women, their tastes and preferences, but above all, their bold femininity, their strength, beauty and heart. For this reason, each garment and product line has been chosen with the best intention of satisfying its audience.

Karin's mission has been clear from the very beginning: "Joy and commitment to always inspire."

Reinvention has been a constant in her life. Determination, hard work and enthusiasm have marked her steps and ability to explore new pathways during moments where life required her to start over.

Today, Karin approaches her work by giving free reign to her creativity, while enjoying the process of operating the Latina Styles pop-up and the daily management of her online retail store.

Her hobbies include travelling, gardening and using digital media to bring her essence to the whole world, through social media platforms.

Karin is also passionate about sharing lifestyle tips, health and wellbeing, and supporting other small to medium enterprises on her social networks.

Latina Styles offer high performance products in bright colours with creative designs. "Let us be part of your everyday activities, while empowering and inspiring your femininity."

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