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Flared Open Side Waist Jeans with Split Hem

Flared Open Side Waist Jeans with Split Hem

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This bell-bottom pair of denim comes with a wide waistband that has fancy side openings, and a high-waisted front button. Available in indigo colour, and featuring back pockets, cool little details, and a classy split hem. Designed for comfort and styles, specifically shaping and highlighting your figure.

For: Nights out, lunches, your best-friends birthday + anything else you can think of!

Best comfort and style, designed to highlight your figure, and made to last.

* Available from size 6 to size 16.

• 7/8 Length

• Premium Quality

• Ethically Made in Colombia

• Material: 78% Jersey Cotton, 22% Spandex.

• Benefits: Highlight your curves and shape your legs, plus tummy control for a sexy and flattering look.

• Size: Our pants come in standard true-to-fit sizes. For more details please consult our sizing chart.

Using high-stretch fabric, they are designed to sculpt and shape your curves with a unique fit so your pants stay in the perfect position.

Featuring a higher waistband, these paints are more comfortable for your curves around the hips and waist. Designed to be gap-proof in the back, they follow your curves and contour your waist.

Without a doubt, the most comfortable and stylish shaping pants you'll ever wear!

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