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Kalahary Lace Top Bodysuit

Kalahary Lace Top Bodysuit

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Made of lace and semi-transparent elastic tulle, for a sexy, daring and fashionable look.

– Cup with internal tulle lining.
– Silhouette with a high neck, armhole sleeves and design detail on the back.
– Lower support with two hooks and three positions for greater adjustment.
– Cotton reinforcement, a comfortable and healthy option.
– Can be used as an outer garment.
– Elastic at the base of the chest contour to give you greater support.
– Under the bust there are accessories that allow the lower part of the bodysuit to be separated from the upper part. So you can use it as a bodysuit or as a crop top.

Lingerie and underwear with sophisticated and avant-garde designs, we want you to wear beautiful lingerie every day and feel beautiful inside and out.

More than a brand we seek to be a lifestyle that is carried within. We are generators of emotions and we propose a mix of femininity, eroticism and sobriety.

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