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Carlos Prada

Push up High-Waisted Zipped Navy Blue Denim

Push up High-Waisted Zipped Navy Blue Denim

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Colombian Butt Lift Blue Jeans.

Skinny boot pants, with a wide waistband with a high waist, front closure, blue in indigo color with contrasting contours with decorative appliqués, with back pockets. The hem design is rustic, it has the best comfort and last to highlight your figure.

*Made in Colombian

The classic blue jean with a perfectly tapered 7/8 length and zip front high waist design. Subtle seams add dimension and pop while following the lines of your natural curves.

For: Nights out, lunches, your best-friends birthday + anything else you can think of!

• Small in size fit

• 7/8 Length

• High Waisted

• Real front zip 

• Material 80% Jersey Cotton and 20% Elastane

• Pocket details

Benefits: Highlight your curves and shape your legs to give it a sexy touch.

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