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Sport Glitter Cropped Jacket

Sport Glitter Cropped Jacket

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Get ready for a successful day in this sports jacket. Its construction keeps you comfortable from morning to night. With a corset-like detail, a special design that will make you feel beautiful and admired by everyone. Without fail you must have it in your closet, you need one for every occasion and in Babalú you will find all the styles you want.
Sport jacket with curved buckle, printed exposed elastic on sleeves, printed on front, corset style.
Its internal elastic keeps the garment in place while you move, thanks to its excellent fit that will make you feel comfortable in every movement you make.
It is made with a Polyester-based fabric, a smart, light and easy-drying fabric, ideal for physical exercise or for your daily activities, freeing you from the feeling of humidity and keeping you fresh for longer.
It does not stretch, shrink or discolor, you can use it daily and you will see how it retains its color for a long time.
It has a unique design with variable print.


Give yourself the opportunity to go out protected without leaving aside the style that characterizes you.

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