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Criss Cross Textured Scrunch Butt Jumpsuit

Criss Cross Textured Scrunch Butt Jumpsuit

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Intensify your workout performance with our textured sports jumpsuit. This fully functional jumpsuit features a ruffled butt lifter design, providing you with the support and confidence you need during your gym sessions, cardio workouts, high-impact exercises, yoga, and fitness training.

The jumpsuit incorporates muscle compression technology, which helps enhance your muscle endurance and reduces fatigue. It also features shading that outlines your figure, accentuating your curves and giving you a streamlined look.

Designed with sweat-wicking technology, this jumpsuit keeps you dry and comfortable by effectively evaporating moisture from your skin. It also includes cellulite control properties, promoting a smoother appearance and boosting your confidence.

In addition to its performance-enhancing features, the jumpsuit offers UV protection to shield your skin from harmful sun rays during outdoor activities.

Crafted from a high-quality blend of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, this jumpsuit provides a perfect balance of flexibility, comfort, and durability. It is available in one size that accommodates sizes 8 to 12, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for a wide range of body types.

Elevate your workout wardrobe with our textured sports jumpsuit and experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Feel empowered and supported as you push your limits, knowing that you are dressed in a high-performance garment designed to maximize your potential.

- Muscle Compression
- Shading that outlines the figure
- Sweat-wicking technology
- Cellulite Control
- UV protection
- Composition: 85% Polyester - 15% Spandex
- One size that includes from size 6 to 12

Care: This product is delicate, so take care when using and washing it


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