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Lace Stripe Undetectable Classic Shaper Knicker

Lace Stripe Undetectable Classic Shaper Knicker

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Achieve a lifted and smooth silhouette with our shaper knicker that is designed to enhance your curves in all the right places. Made with our signature DuraFit® fabric, this knicker offers gentle compression to flatten your tummy and create a streamlined look. Say goodbye to visible knicker lines, as this garment is designed to be discreet under clothing.

With contrasting bands of our SmartLace® fabric, this shaper knicker not only provides functionality but also adds a stylish touch. The semi-sheer bottom and seamless leg bands create a seamless appearance, making it virtually invisible under your clothes.

This high-waisted knicker is designed to cover your mid-to-lower tummy, providing extra support and smoothing. The ultra-flat leg bands are specifically designed to prevent rolling up, ensuring a perfect fit without any knicker lines.

In addition, the thong effect of this knicker gives your buttocks a lifted look, enhancing your natural curves. The 100% cotton gusset provides added comfort and breathability.

The fabric composition of this shaper knicker is 76% polyamide and 24% elastane, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit.

Experience the confidence and comfort of our shaper knicker, designed to enhance your figure and provide a seamless appearance. Lift and smooth in all the right places with this essential undergarment.

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