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Mesh Sport Top

Mesh Sport Top

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Be the best version of yourself, accept everything you have inside without expecting others to do it for you, be proud of your body and everything you are with this sports bra that will give you the confidence to give your best every day.

Sports top with high coverage on the armholes, neckline and back, mesh inserts on the neckline that allow the passage of air facilitating perspiration, round neck with compression adjustment that supports your muscles while you train, wide straps to give you the support you need to move with total freedom, a top so comfortable that it does not allow you to feel discomfort in the shoulders or in the back caused by the weight of the bust.

Choose the right sports bra: During sports activity the bust is subjected to movements and rebounds that can cause pain and, in the long term, the sagging of the bust. Finding the ideal sports bra is not an easy task, at Babalú we design tops that provide support and comfort you would need to practice your physical activity without losing style while keeping everything in its place.


It fits perfectly to your body with its lower elastic, to provide greater support, allowing your bust to always be in place, no matter how much you move during sports or daily activities.
It is made with a Polyester-based fabric, a smart, light and easy-drying fabric, ideal for physical exercise or for your daily activities, freeing you from the feeling of humidity and keeping you fresh for longer.
It does not stretch, shrink or discolor, you can use it daily and you will see how it retains its color for a long time.
Its design is unique with contrasting shades, to always look fresh and with the style you need.
Lightweight with quick drying.
Adaptable to your body, recovering its original shape every time you use it.
Does not shrink or wrinkle.
Absorption, spread and release of moisture that provides a high sensation of freshness.
Prevents the generation of bad odours.
Preserves colors after each wash.
Resistant to temperature changes.
100% Colombian design and manufacturing.

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