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Three Fabric Resistance Bands

Three Fabric Resistance Bands

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Crush Your 2020 Fitness Goals - Exercise Anywhere, Anytime.


Our Strength bands will help you get your perfect booty and legs fast.

Easy to use and see results with just 15 minutes a day.


Resistance bands routines will strengthen and elongate the muscle fibers, increase your flexibility tremendously, and stimulate the muscles in a manner that is impossible to do with the use of free weights alone. And with the recommended short rest periods between sets, expect your endurance and stamina to increase, which will also improve your cardiovascular health!

AT HOME or GYM WORKOUTS: Our bands let you see amazing results without needing other equipment. We provide you with fun and challenging workout guide. And also you can visit us in our Facebook group and Instagram page!


They will help you TONE & SHAPE your glutes and legs. Improve your squats, correct your posture, and see better toning of your muscles. UP to 400% more glute activation more than rubber resistance bands to give faster and better results. 

Our Fabric Resistance Bands train your biggest muscle groups helping you with more lifted, esculted and perky booty and FAT BURNING.


- Three Fabric Resistance Bands (Small- Medium- Large)

- Convenient Carry Case. Easy to transport and  to keep your bands together.

- Results-Proven Training guide.

DURABLE & WASHABLE: Our bands are hand washable. If they need to be washed then we advise to handwash and leave them in the open air away from direct sunlight to dry (cold water recomended). 

STRONG AND SAFE: incredible fabric is woven with unique stretch fibers to give a wide range of motion. These bands will never snap. 

COMFORTABLE & NO- ROLLING: We have specifically designed our bands to be the perfect width and we have latex grip strips sewn inside the bands to ensure they stay in place. This means you will never have to worry about them breaking or rolling up during ANY exercise. 

The fabric feels soft to touch. It is incredibly comfortable against your skin and does not pinch, cut into your skin. We have sewn-in special elastic fibers within the bands to give them their unique stretch. Our customers LOVE how our bands can be worn comfortably against bare skin.

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